The End of Strength In Confidence

After much internal deliberation, I’ve decided to bring Strength In Confidence to an end. My reasons have little to do with spammers and stupid people. I’m shutting down Strength In Confidence because I’ve grown to understand and acknowledge it’s limits. Additionally, my personal life will be taking a great many turns in the near future, […]

How To Minimize Weight Gain, Resist Temptation, and Give Awesome Presents On Christmas Day (and a chocolate truffle recipe)

Christmas in my family involves a lot of food. Turkey, trifle, ice cream, pudding, cake, potatoes, cauliflower bakes, snacks, soft drinks, alcohol- you name it. This is a problem for me because I’m currently carb cycling to get lean and mean. And since my last cut was sabotaged by antibiotics (a story for another day) […]

Why Motivation Is Worthless

This article is inspired by a post at Danger & Play entitled How Do You Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym? Every day men seek motivation which they’re confident will help them accomplish their goals. The most common sub-topic? Fitness, unsurprisingly. I could type “gym motivation” into Google and find a plethora of motivational […]