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Hello, friend. Welcome to Strength In Confidence.

The name’s Brendan Kew. I’m the owner and operator of this blog. Nice to meet you.

Strength In Confidence is dedicated to turning the average young bloke (just like you) into a confident, strong, respectable man.


On my blog confidence is the number one priority. Confidence is everything. It’s knowledge. It’s self-esteem and your sense of pride. It’s dignity and resilience. But most importantly- confidence is your strength.

Confidence is what makes you truly strong. Get the confidence and you’ll get the strength. That’s what Strength In Confidence means. That’s what I strive for, and it’s what you should strive for.

It’s only fitting my content reflect that. Every article on my blog is written for the purpose of confidence. Whether I dish out knowledge, personal experiences and methods of madness or I roast bullshitter and spread my ideals it’s all about confidence.

For the sake of being upfront there’s something else you should know- political correctness has no place on my blog. Shit is what it is. It defeats the purpose of building confidence if you just run away from everything popular opinion doesn’t agree with.

Moving on, here’s how you get started: Read from newest to oldest (Latest & Greatest) or take your pick from the most popular articles in each category below…

Bullshitter Roasts & Eye-Openers

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Achieving Success, Confidence Building & Motivation

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Shit All Young Men Should Know

My Experience With 30 Days Of Discipline

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How To Be A Man, Grow Some Balls And Kick Some Ass

Are You Really Thinking For Yourself?

Bodybuilding & Nutrition

The Complete Newbie’s Guide To Building Muscle And Losing Fat (At The Same Time)

The Beauty Of Bodyweight Execises

Why Water Is King For Weight Loss

Rep Ranges & Rest Periods Explained

The Lo-Down On Overtraining

Dissolving The Hype Around Pre-Workout Supplements

Women & Dating

Nice Guys Finish Last

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

Woman Hunting #1: Making Yourself More Attractive To Beautiful Women

Woman Hunting #2: How To Know When A Girl Is Into You



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