Why Motivation Is Worthless

This article is inspired by a post at Danger & Play entitled How Do You Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym? Every day men seek motivation which they’re confident will help them accomplish their goals. The most common sub-topic? Fitness, unsurprisingly. I could type “gym motivation” into Google and find a plethora of motivational […]

Modafinil: There’s Only One Way To Find Out

If you’ve made your way to this Strength In Confidence article you probably already know about Modafinil. The dead horse that is Modafinil’s history, benefits, side effects- and everything short of its biography- has been well and truly beaten the fuck out of. Just about everyone’s put in their two cents worth. It raises the question- why […]

A Typical Day In The Life Of Brendan

6:15- Rise and shine. Two glasses of water. Coffee. Watch Youtube. Check site stats. Do some reading. I’m currently reading What Every BODY Is Saying by ex-FBI Agent Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins, Ph.D on recommendation from my man Mike Danger. 100 pages in and so far it’s fascinating. Applicable and useful. 8:55- Take one scoop […]